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A candidate with a mission and vision...John F Kharshing

 John F. Kharshing is no politician but had decided this time to jump into frat with belief that Congress would secure a sizeable comfortable position in the game of bumber in the government formation and other parties would tag along. However at this stage nothing can be taken for granted as formidable parties including the Bharatiya Janata Partty (BJP) the National Peoples Party (NPP), seem to be dominating the scene. John Kharshing would be seeking a contest from the Nongkrem constituency where already political die hard are there such as H.S.Shylla, Ardent Basaiwmot who have already rolled up their sleeves posing for a fight, come what may John Kharshing is however a member of the State Planning Board and also a champion for the cause of the traditional administration institution which are important governance factor at grass root level.