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NPP’s Electoral Battle 2018

 The National People’s Party (NPP) can be described as a political party concern with regional needs and at the same time having a national approach. It is eyeing 50 seats in the electoral battle out of the total 60 leaving room for the other likeminded parties to contest in the spirit of an informal alliance. The NPP has announced 24 names in the first batch which include former Member of Parliament Agatha Sangma. The Dhar factor has also been looked after, that is Wailadmiki Shylla brother in law of rebel congress Legislator from prestigious Jowai seats. Also Dasakhiatbha Lamare son of former rebel congress legislator Ngaitlang Dhar. The first batches of candidates announced are 11 from the Ri Hynniewtrep of Khasi –Jaintia and 13 from the Achikland of Garo. Lawanpynshngain War son of the late dynamic leader legislator Kitdor  Syiem figure in the list to contest from Mairang constituency in that he continue to follow the footstep of his illustrious father.