Tripura Gramin Bank, Rural Banking Unsurpassed

Tripura Gramin Bank,
Rural Banking Unsurpassed

Tripura Gramin Bank (TGB), one of India’s 84 Regional Rural Banks (RRBs), posted a net profit of Rs.35.35 crores, the highest among the RRBs in Eastern and Northeastern India, in the last financial year, the bank’s chairman Mr. D. Mushahary said. He stated that the bank with 111 branches across the state has achieved a profit of Rs.35.35 crores in 2009-2010.
Initially with 50 percent share of the Centre, 35 percent of the sponsored bank by the United Bank of India and the remaining 15 percent working capital from the state government the TGM started its journey in the year 1976 with just four branches.
TGB today has the largest network with 111 branches and two mobile branches covering the length and breath of the state. Today all the branches are computer operated for faster activities and to ensure customer satisfaction which is the bank’s priority.
Edison Uchoi, an engineering student who has an account in TGB said, “I hail from a very remote area but there also this bank has a branch. This helps the local people as they do not have to cover a long distance which is expensive and time consuming to do their banking.
Monica Barua, a loan holder who started a self-help group (SHG) with ten other women said, “I had taken training of making different decorative items at Guwahati but could not start a business of my own as I did not have enough funds to buy machinery and raw materials. After waiting for some time I approached Gramin Bank which was ready to give me a loan of rupees fifty thousand.”
Narayan Dey, a teacher whose salary is deposited in the TGB said, “I was posted in a remote area of Sabroom where I have noticed that even in areas where there is no other bank there is surely a branch of TGB. This helps the common man who does not need to come to the cities to open a bank account or through this account save money. Moreover, now NREGA and old age pensions are paid through TGB. 
The TGB has issued 1,500 biometric cards to disburse wages under the NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) and pension under NOAP (National Old Age Pension) schemes and the process is on to bring all the NREGA and NOAP beneficiaries under the biometric card system to make their payment at the door step.’
Mushahary said, “There is no secret in this profit and if one analyses our balance sheets, it will be clear that the profit we make from the recovery of loan which is the highest. We have the densest network of branches in Tripura with 111 branches. These branches are not only in the urban areas but also in the rural areas and as we are close to the people, they prefer us. Moreover, the Tripura government also supports us. The people of Tripura prefer us for our service and they have faith in us.”
He claims that the TGB also attained a record in per branch business and per staff business with Rs.2,567 lakh and Rs.438 lakh respectively in fiscal 2009-10 and has targeted to achieve a net profit of Rs.500 lakh in the current financial year. The bank’s credit-deposit ratio is now 39 percent while for other nationalised commercial banks, it is 32 percent.

Pinaki Das