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What is being dealt with here is no other than the perennial floods in Assam. Though already hackneyed in the media, the issue has these days been the front-page headline stories in most newspapers of the state not because that a sustainable, logistic solution for easing the severity and devastations of the chronic floods has been troubling the resource-rich but fund-deficit state over the past few decades is found out but because that as in the previous year, this time too, it has wreaked havoc with its innumerable hapless villagers, particularly those inhabiting riverine and low-lying flood-prone areas with unfailing regularity leaving behind a trail of large-scale destructions. Since the wide-spread ravages triggered by the recurring floods is a periodic occurrence in the state, flood-related spade work such as repairing or constructing embankments, bridges, culverts, roads etc; where necessary, during pre-monsoon period every year on the part of the government is a sin qua non as it can go a long way in lessening the severity of the disaster and mitigating the sufferings of the flood-affected people. It has been reported in the media that the government directed the water resources department to complete the exercise in the form of building up basic infrastructure such as embankments on riverbanks by March 31 as part of flood-control measures, evidently given the recurring and devastating nature of floods.  Had the work been done on time, the flood situation did not turn grim in the state, as it has during the all three consecutive waves of deluge, and, resultantly, the villagers in flood-prone areas in particular have suffered grievously.

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