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Scrub Typhus which is also known as ‘Bush Typhus’ is a disease caused by bacteria called ‘Orientia tsutsugamushi’. Scrub typhus is spread to people through bites of infected ‘chiggers’ (larval mites). They are mostly found in areas of heavy scrub vegetation. Its origin can be traced back in the 1930’s in Japan and spread out to the far-eastern Russia and to the territories around the Solomon Sea into Northern Australia in the south and to Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Orientia Tsutsugamushi is derived from Japanese word ‘tsutsuga’ which means illness and ‘mushi’ which means insect and in common language it can be described as ‘Insect Illness’.

The recent outbreak of Scrub typhus was witnessed in ‘Phullen village’ in Aizwal district which has been reported to infect around 47 people while killing one. Phullen village is 125 kilometres away from the district headquarters Aizwal which is the State capital of Mizoram. The first case of Scrub typhus virus in the State was detected last year in the month of November 2017 and the recent case was identified on January 2018. Apart from ‘Phullen Village’, it is noted that cases of scrub typhus infection have been detected in Chaphai, Aizwal and Lunglei districts also.

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She often makes noise in political space and in many cases she wins the game as a simple, straight forward and energetic politician of India. But not all the time, she could convert her outbursts in her favour and it backfired. Here is one such development, where she wanted to be a saviour of Bengali people, but ended up as a promoter of minority vote banks. But her appeasement policy towards the religious community in West Bengal was never a secret for the people of India and the talkative Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has already earned the reputation in switching over the minority vote banks from the Communist Party to her Trinamool Congress. Now perhaps it is her turn to continue soothing the vote banks. So when Assam released the first draft of National Register of Citizens (NRC) on the midnight of 31 December 2017, Ms Banerjee found a reason to react in a negative light looking at the delicate Bengali-Assamese relationship.

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Alcheringa IIT Guwahati

 OnePlus presents Alcheringa 2018, driven by Hero MotoCorp, sweetened by Brown Creams, educated by Bhadra IAS, powered By Vh1 and Colors Infinity, co-presented by The Assam Tribune and in association with G PLUS, Manikchand Jewellers &Doreka is by far the largest cultural festival of North-East India and since its inception has entered its 22nd edition. Alcheringa provides a national level platform for participants and enjoys a footfall of 80000 people and participation from over 400 colleges.

 The theme for this edition of Alcheringa is 'Echoes of Innocence'. The idea of Echoes of Innocence is to take everyone to one of their favourite stages of life, Childhood. Echoes of Innocence is a small insight to each of ours's past, a short trip through our childhood; where there are no worries, we all feel safe, full of curiosity, filled with innocence and the feeling of absolute bliss.

 This edition, Alcheringa is hosting an exhibition of the North-East to showcase the cultures of the eight states of the North-East through performances of traditional dance and music. There shall also be exhibitions of the handicrafts and hand-looms of various states during the duration of the festival. The North East Expo Stage will be graced by performances of AphiloKuwo – A dance form from Nagaland, LebangBhoomani Dance – A harvest dance form from Tripura and the Wari, Octaves Foundation presenting some Manipuri Folk Tales.

 This year Alcheringa will be hosting 4 different professional nights of 4 completely different genres. Indian classical music maestros and brothers Ganesh – Kumaresh as pre-headliners and the Legendary Padma Shree Awardee, UstaadShahidParvez Khan, pioneer of ‘Hindustani Classical Music’ will perform on the Opening Night of Saaz- The Classical Night on the 1st of February.Viacom presents Juggernaut will be headlined by a rising Alternative Rock band from Chennai, The F16’s on 2nd February. Maruti Suzuki – Colours of Youth presents Crescendo headlined by the dynamic Bollywood duoVishal – Shekhar on 3rd February.Lastly Blitzkrieg, the surprise night with an opening act from the Portuguese House Producer Diego Miranda and one of the most entertaining live acts ever by the Australian House Producers Mashd N Kucherto end the show this edition.

Apart from this as a part of our world carnival we have performers fromthree different countries. 1. CorvoNuno Flores, Portuguese Violinist 2. LimorBallas, Singer from Israel 3. Christian, BrockGuitarist from Denmark.

 Other interesting attractions in this edition of Alcheringa include the IITG Model United Nations – that emulates actual councils of the United Nations. This year for the very first time we’regonna have a committee simulating the Lok Sabha. The North East Social Entrepreneurial Summit provides a platform for social entrepreneurs to share and discuss ideas that affect the North-Eastern states, and Parliamentary Debate – where participants become MPs and debate on respective concerns.

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In the very tricky political chessboard of India, the dynastic game of Congress, this time appears to have kissed the dust.The reason? The reason is the “Son” could not rise in Himachal Pradesh despite the fact that it was ruled by the Congress. The“Son” also failed to cash upon the anti-incumbency factor in Gujarat to justify his elevation as Congress super-boss.

In Indian politics, everyone takes it for granted that the “Sons” of political families would rise. Some rose, but mostly they set like the sun. Much hope was pinned on “Son” Rahul Gandhi by the supporters of Congress who expected him to rise like the Sun. But he failed. The Congress is now ruling only in four states: Karnataka, Meghalaya, Punjab and Mizoram.

Failure of the “Son” is on two counts: Firstly, he flopped to retain Himachal and secondly, he fumbled to foment the antiincumbency factor in Gujarat, although he had tremendous political scopes to reap the benefits from anti-incumbency in Gujarat and retention of Himachal (being a ruling party).

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