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If you ask an Italian why time is important, he will say “Il tempo è Denaro:” time is money, money is time.

But how a Hindustanis would react to this question? Well! He will reply: “We have neither time nor money.” He is right. The Hindustanis hardly are bothered about time, timely decisions. No wonder they don’t have enough money.

If the Indian Government really had time-conscious, it would have corrected the aberrations in the Indian Standard Time (IST) way back in 2006 when the Planning Commission suggested that the country may have two time-zones. This would have meant implementing the Daylight Saving Time or DST for the Northeast saving electricity bills by huge proportion.

(Do tomorrow’s work today, today’s work now. If the doomsday comes, can you complete the incomplete works?)

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Any social/political problem, troubling a region or state for a long period of time now, how complex it may be to deal with can be amicably and peacefully resolved in a time-frame if the state is willing to resolve the issue with a give-and-take spirit. There are some states in the Northeastern region that are long beset with some complex problems which have impeded the growth, though there are no valid reasons for their early solution being kept on hold, year after year. The successive regional governments can easily resolve it, if they desire so assertively and with all earnestness.  But in several cases,  these  establishments , instead of being keen on  resolving them during its full term, are seen soft pedalling  these issues , evidently for  vote bank politics or  to score one-upmanship over its arch rivals. This go-slow approach on their part towards these issues has weakened the states’ economy.  The standing example of which is Assam’s recurring floods and erosion.  The inordinate delay in clinching them  on a priority basis once for all has galled many,  which  reverberates  in periodic agitations in these States  by different organisations such as civil society groups, student bodies, academics, opposition leaders, professionals etc, in protest against the ruling party governments  over alleged apathetic  attitude  towards the bare  need  of  their early settlement  resulting in social unrest.  

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