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Two students of Cotton University—Titir Debnath and Aditya Das both doing master’s degree in Environmental Biology and Wildlife Sciences at Cotton University are creating mass awareness regarding alleged and reported coal mining project at Saleki Proposed Reserved Forest, a part of the Dehing Patkai Elephant Reserve. Expressing satisfaction over the instruction by Chief Minister, Sarbananda Sonowal to Forest Minister, Parimal Suklya Baidya on May 20, visited Dehing Patkai Reserve Forest and took physical stock of the Reserve Forest and reported him. 

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Although indication was clear about the possible havoc of Covid-19 in India for three months, neither central government nor any state of Northeast was ready to tackle the menace. By December end, people of the country could understand the negative occurrences of corona virus in India but the administration was casual till Prime Minister had summoned Janata Curfew on March 20. When the states had started realizing the hit of Covid-19 nothing best was possible except declaring lockdown before Prime Minister clamped it nationwide. The urban society became scared fearing Covid infection due to entry of outsiders mostly in the capital cities and treatment of centres. Add a comment Read more: Rural Tripura comes under Covid threat
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Covid 19 has adversely affected Barak media, print and electronic. A booming industry is faced with unprecedented crisis in its 140 years of history. According to available records, ever since the publication of the first newspaper of this valley ‘Silchar’ in 1889 edited by Bidhu Bhushan Roy, a school teacher, it has been a well admired and well appreciated human efforts to enlighten and inform the readers of the events happening around. Till Independence of the country, under British Raj, the editors have to be cautious in editing the newspapers as nothing anti colonial rule finds place on the pages. Still, editors like Bidhu Bhusan Roy dared to criticise and face reprimand and shut down the newspaper.

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Amidst the spike in covid-19 cases in India, hospitals in West Bengal are in a spot, with over 300 nursing staffs from North-eastern states, leaving their jobs and heading home in Tripura and Manipur.

Out of these, 185 nurses are from Manipur, 66 of them have reached the state and are quarantined in the state’s quarantine centres and 119 of them are still stranded in Kolkata after the government of Manipur decided to put on hold the extraction efforts.

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Call it COVID-19 economic exit plan or Covid Relief Package, the fiscal stimulus of a whooping Rs. 20 lakh crore by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi indeed is perhaps the world’s single biggest fund-injection done by a country of the world in the Corona-time.

This certainly will act as a Game Changer for Indian economy both from the micro and macro angles. This can be gauged from the fact that this package is around 10% of the total GDP of India. In other words, this is the most sustainable economic reach-out ever done in a country.

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