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A high protein-packed breakfast satisfied our appetite all day long. We sipped special tea at Tamulpur. After three hours of driving, we saw amazing views of tea garden to soothe our eyes. The infamous Darangamela is now a place of business hub for eastern Bhutan.  The Kurichhu Hydropower Plant built across the Kurichhu River that flows into the river Manah and Beki. A decorative gate caught our attention. The Royal Bhutan Police had politely asked to report for immigration. With utmost respect and generosity, the officer asked a few questions of our arrival. We earned the bragging rights to cross an international border for being Indian. The sign of Indo-Bhutan treaty of friendship made us feel at ease.

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Three-day Dhrupad Mahotsav of classical music both vocal and instrumental conclave concludes at Dhubri District Library Auditorium recently. The musical programme organised under auspices of Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi, National Academy of Music, Dance and Drama, an autonomous body of  Ministry of Culture, Government of India, in collaboration with the Dhubri District administration of Assam.

 At the onset of three-day, a Goalian dance, a part of rich Goalpariya culture was presented by Bhuyan Roy Kausani and Anukul Roy and welcomed the guest and audience while Dhubri District Development Commissioner, Banashree Nath declared Dhrupad Mahotsav open.Thereafter, an exponent of classical dance, Erika Ingrid Nandi of Dhubri formally inaugurated the Dhrupad festival.

 On the first day, Dhrupad singer, Vinod Kumar Diwidi from Uttar Pradesh, musician, Sourbrata Chakraborty from Rajasthan, Radheshyam Sharma from Uttar Pradesh enthralled the hall packed audience by their vocal and instrumental performances on the first day.

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Two-day conclave of customer outreach  initiated  by United Bank of India (UBI) concludes in Dhubri with overwhelm participation and distribution of over 500 sanction letters to the beneficiaries under various government schemes. Dhubri district is one of the 400 districts across the country selected by the Ministry of Finance to hold the extensive programme to build confidence and reach out to customers and also listen to their grievances and short out them.

 Speaking in the inaugural function, UBI General Manager, Rakesh Arora spoke at a length on the various loans including retail, agriculture, and MSMEs covering, housing, vehicle, personal loan, educational loan, Mudra,Stand-up, India,SVAYEM,KCC,SHG,JLG and many more being offered by various banks including UBI. He also cautioned the customers about fraudster active in mobile network and duping the innocent customers ignorant of the fraudulence activities.

 While explaining the objectives of the two-day conclave, Deputy General Manager and Chief Regional Manager, Prabir Kumar Tah, in his hour long speech elaborately explained the motive and intention behind the conclave and assured customers to stand by them to simplify and hassle free disbursement of loans. Tah while strongly asserting that there is no dearth of fund in financial institutions to finance any loan also clarified on the present recession in the country, and said that this recession was a fall out of various factors which hardly affected the economy of India though little down. But it is now focusing to achieve 5 Trillion economy.

 Earlier, on the day one, Dhubri District Development Commissioner, Banashree Nath formally inaugurated the two-day mega event and appealed the banks’ valued customers and loan aspirants to avail the opportunities to boost or start new trade, business and farming. 

 On the second day, Dhubri Deputy Commissioner, Anant Lal Gyani visited the conclave and inspected all the bank counters and talked to Deputy General Manager and Chief Regional Manager, Prabir Kumar Tah who briefed him about the programme. Talking to Associate Editor of Eastern Panorama, Bijoy Kumar Sharma, Tah said that it was their initiative that drove them to Dhubri district which one of the backward district in Assam.

Bijoy Kr Sharma

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“A nation is advanced in proportion to education and intelligence spread among the masses.”
Swami Vivekananda had long ago mentioned of the very importance of education and the impact it has on the growth of a nation in the most simplest of terms.

Education is not just a practice of going to school; it is a commitment to transform into a proper human being from just any ordinary person. It is not just about good grades, but also about good morals. It is not just about learning tables, but also about having profound knowledge of manners and etiquettes.


 A world that thrives on pace and selfish motives, education is what keeps the soul alive. Education not only teaches us words like “thank you” and “sorry”, but also widens our vision and understanding on gratefulness and guilt. It is not just a medium to know where the Moon is, but also about knowing, analyzing and planning on how to reach it. To say the least, education is not just a profession-building tool, it is a life-building mechanism.

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We are happy to know that R.N. Ravi, Interlocutor for the Naga Peace Process and now Governor of Nagaland, have been promoted twice while serving as the Interlocutor. The NSCN-IM should also be grateful that the Framework Agreement was signed during this period.

How the Current Indo-Naga Talks Began:  Though the NSCN faced a huge setback in the 80s, twelve years after its formation, through the initiative of the organization, Nagalim was admitted in the UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation) on 23 January, 1993. This was widely published in the international media. And Nagalim was featured in the Times Magazine the same  year. (Some of the former members of the UNPO such as Armenia, East Timor, Estonia, Latvia, Georgia and Palau, have gained full independence and joined the United Nations.)

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