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Far from the madding crowds of the world and nestled in the lap of nature, the Seven Sisters of North Eastern India currently are under the sinister shadow of cross-border smuggling carried out by the Muslim smugglers of Bangladesh and mainly ethnic Chin people of Myanmar. These dangerous smugglers are getting emboldened day by day. They not only are carrying out smuggling operations most daringly in Meghalaya, Mizoram, Assam, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram and Nagaland but also killing local people and members of the Border Security Force and other paramilitary outfits guarding the long, porous borders that touch lawless Bangladesh and Myanmar.

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The talk of the town from World Cup and now switching over to fish, the most popular commodity among all the communities in the capital city, also in the State and the entire region of North East India. Angling is one of the most popular sports in the rivulets, streams and river. But suddenly the word had spread in the fish markets, that ‘Formalin’ essentially being a preservative, yet can upset the health of the population has been laced on fish bodies, especially being imported from Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal.

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Forming one of the main regions of the beautiful state of Meghalaya, one of India’s most popular tourist attractions, the Jaintia Hills are famous for the way they have held on to their tribal culture even today, in an age of modernism. One of the most important features of the tribal charm of Meghalaya is the Behdienkhlam Festival, (June-July) which remains as one of the most popular festivals of the region.

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Born in Kandhulimari village in Assam to rice farmers Ronjit and Jonali Das, Hima Das is the eldest of four children. From her days in the village, Hima spent her times playing football with the boys from her village besides helping her parents in the paddy fields. She attended Dhing Public School and would participate in local football tournament in an around her village. Being a sport enthusiastic her school Physical Education Teacher Shamsul Haque encourage her to take up athletics in short and middle distance races. He later introduced her to Gowri Shankar Roy of the Nagaon Sports Association for her proper training. With proper training she first made impression when she qualified for an inter-district competition and won two Gold medals at the sports meet. She could not appear for her Higher Secondary Arts stream final examination this year as she was busy in the Commonwealth Games but that doesn’t bother her parents as the family was confident of her bringing laurels to the State and country as a whole someday.

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The art of comedy has gone viral on television and social media. Lol (laugh out loud) is the mood. Cynically speaking, there is something seriously wrong with a society that is completely addicted to finding reasons to laugh out loud all the time. But maybe that is digging too deep and is not in the scope of this article. What is agonizingly irritating though is that comedy is being sprinkled with obscene, derogatory and cheap views of women. Seriously, how sexhungry must a society be to share such jokes and laugh about them publicly? Shameless, but we don’t even find it objectionable anymore!

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