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Ever since the fall-out of the dome of the new Assembly Building, the criticism of the Conrad Government has taken a hype. The dome once said to be an iconic structure of Shillong, the symbol of Meghalaya’s progress has become yet another reason to regress the Sangma’s political wheel for the upcoming elections to be held in 2023. The collapse of the dome has not gone down well with citizens, political parties, civil societies and pressure groups who poured scorn on the corrupt practices by greedy politicians and contractors that has endangered lives. The Government is blamed allegedly for encouraging corruption and misuse of funds.

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Amidst the pan India flutter over Varanasi’s Gyanvapi Mosque, a simple line of this complex situation figuring in Madhushala, a poetry book by Haribansh Rai Bachhan, may perhaps find some relevance.

This particular line of Madhushala is: Bair Barhate Masjid Mandir Mel Karati Madhushala.

Madhushala means a bar or alehouse in English.

Well, we are not suggesting people to walk to a Maikhana – also meaning Madhushala – as Hindus and Muslims are already so much intoxicated with the Gyanvapi Mosque that there is no need for any additional doses of ale to turn tipsy.

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It was Matamgee Manipur (Contemporary Manipur) which enthralled the people of Manipur when the lingua franca was heard for the first time on the silver screen. Rightfully, the 50th anniversary of Manipuri Cinema was commemorated as a year long Golden Jubilee event, starting from 9 April 2021 which concluded recently on 29 April 2022.  

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