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In the United Nation’s World Summit on the Information Society Forum 2022, Government of Meghalaya’s initiative of Meghalaya Enterprise Architecture received the best project award (Winner Award) in the category of “the role of governments in the promotion of ICTs for development”.  Mr. Houlin Zhao, Secretary General of ITU presented the winner award to Shri Conrad K Sangma, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Meghalaya in the WSIS Forum Prizes 2022, held at Geneva, Switzerland. A total of 360 projects nominated from different countries passed the test of the UN jury. Post this there was voting to select the best 90 projects which were invited in Geneva, Switzerland for the final award. Meghalaya had to contest with projects from Australia, China, Argentina and Tanzania. Today at the forum, Meghalaya was declared as the best project in the category. Meghalaya Enterprise Architecture is the only project from India to win the Winner Award this year.

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A very significant observation is made by  Ranjit S Mooshary, former Governor of Meghalaya, in his foreword to the book, "Social Cultural And  Spiritual  Traditions of   North East Bharat (Published by Heritage Foundation, Guwahati)". He points out quite pertinently that "There is no other region which mirrors India's heterogeneous heritage as the Bramhaputra  valley and its hemming hills". It is indeed cent percent true. There is no denying that the North East offers a fascinating  mosaic of beliefs, customs and dialects.  Their life is  peaceful and contentment seems to  spill out in their thoughts and behaviours.

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It goes without saying that the Earth is the lone planet in the Solar system what is known to own all characteristics required to support different life forms. Being perfect for sustenance of life, it is often referred to as a ‘Goldilocks planet’. A home to be proud of, the Earth, now, has to go through untold ordeal orchestrated by human. Yes, going by the rampant anthropogenic activities detrimental to the well being of nature, human appear to become the sole agent to determine the fate of our Earth. Strange though it may seem the fact is environment is the first casualty of any activities carried out to serve its interests galore. When it comes to point out such activities, slashing of vegetation tops the tally. The cleansing off vegetation to pave the way for the development is on the rise and it is instrumental in fragmentation of area under tree cover. According to the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, about 54 countries have lost around 90 percent of their forest cover.

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The Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), Export Promotion Council and technology firm BillMart FinTech have come together to create awareness on  unlimited growth opportunities for MSMEs & start-ups in Meghalaya. 

A joint study by MSME council and BillMart FinTech was presented to the state government. The study was released in the city by MLA AL Hek, who is the Chairman of Meghalaya, MSMEs along with  Dr DS Rawat, the Chairman of MSMEs  Export Promotion Council and BillMart Co-Founder & CEO, Jigish Sonagara. This is in the context of state attracting investment in food processing, horticulture, tourism and mineral based industries among others.

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All works for the construction of Nagaland’s Medical College at Phriebagie, Kohima are in “full swing”. Amid reports that the much-awaited Medical College could have been halted due to financial problem, the government of Nagaland clarified that “the project was never grounded” and funds not exhausted.

The Nagaland Government updated that the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) approved the establishment of a medical college in Nagaland with an intake capacity hundred MBBS seats at the District Hospital Kohima (NHAK). It was learnt that the establishment of the medical college has been finalized at an whooping amount of Rs 189 crores under the centrally sponsored scheme for the establishment of new medical colleges by upgrading district/referral hospitals in the year 2014.

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