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Lotha after CM Mukul Sangma

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National Secretary of Scheduled Tribes Morcha Hayitlung Bill Lotha is after the blood of Chief Minister Mukul Sangma prodding him to come out in the arena for a public debate. H.Bill  Lotha, it seems is also studying the drinking habit of Mukul Sangma  who he said is becoming an addict in drinking red tea , the cause being that Mukul is now restless and spending sleepless nights because the Chief Minister is still full of doubt to debate on the issue of corruption . H.Bill Lotha has also taunted Mukul Sangma and his family of dynastic rule that is a government which include his wife Dikkanchi Shira, his brother Zenith Sangma who is also a minister. H. Bill Lotha said Mukul Sangma should be brave like a lion to come out into a five hour debate if he dares to do so.