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Yet another history in the pages of the state elections, as the sitting member of Mawhati in Ri Bhoi, Julius Kitbok Dorphang is among those who have filed his nomination papers, that also from behind the bars. Supporters of Dorphang, have shown their loyalty by filing the  necessary papers for Dorphang , who  is  a non  party  candidate. This is the first instance in the state where a candidate is contesting with criminal charges; Dorphang was lodged in jail following charges of rape in a sex scandal last year. Initially he was a prominent leader of the Khasi Hills militant outfit, the Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC), which demanded self rule, carrying armed attacks against police forces.  Members of the outfit had also set up camps in nearby Bangladesh. Julius Kibok Dorphang, however had decided to turn a new leaf in taking up politics as his career.