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Political candidates contesting the current election are seeking supports not only from the voters but also from the divine forces.  This year’s annual   pilgrimage to the spiritual U Lum Sohpetbneng- the umbilical navel celestial peak, located along the National Highway to Guwahati, twelve kilometers from from capital Shillong, witnessed an interesting scene, apart from the rights, rituals and reverence paid by the devotees, that some election candidates were also spotted at the sanctum sanctorum making a bee line in offering worship to the divine creator and spiritual guardians. Candidates belonging to different political parties, some of them wearing the traditional dress jain spong headgear, and wrapping with the eri muga shawl, the Ryndia. However no political party flag was visible. Along with the multitude of devotees candidates drawn specially from different constituencies in Khasi-Jaintia Hills, seeking spiritual blessings.