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Political leaders can promise heaven and earth. The sitting candidate from Sohiong Constituency in the Khasi Hills, H.  Donkupar  Lyngdoh, Cabinet Minister  has  claimed  that  he  is  the  leader  of the poor  and  the needy,  the down  trodden,  who  do not  have  a  roof  above  their  heads. He  believe  in  the  slogan  of  looking  forward  and  not  backwards. May be in looking upwards and not downwards. Therefore he claim  to be  one  of  those  benevolent   philanthropic leaders  to  see  that  ever y  single  home  in  Sohiong  would  have  a  roof,  The  leader  would  also  see  that  health care  would  be  taken  care  of. With  the   sudden  creation  of  districts,  civil  divisions  and  sub  divisions, all over  the  state,  just before  the  election, Donkupar will  see  to  it  that  a  civil – division  comes into being. A rupees  five  crore  water  supply   project  is  already  in  the  pipe  line  to  see,   the  flow   in  abundance  for the  promises of  the  leader.