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In  the  voters  list  in  the  current  elections,  there  are  names suspected to have  crept  into  the  electoral  rolls  coming  from  foreign countries  to the consternation  of  the  officials. Whether such voters have rights in taking part in Indian elections in the North East. These names that entered are Italy, Argentina, Sweden and Jerusalem, all in the Umniuh – Tmar  Elaka bordering  Bangladesh. Also names of candidates of foreign origin like  Wellborn,  Promise land,  Holland, in the Shella  constituency  having 850  male  voters and 916  female  voters. It   was however,  later verified  that  this is  nothing  uncommon  as  they  are  names  of  Indian  citizens  who have a birthright  to  vote  and  contest  the  elections.  It so  happens  that  the  people  of  these  border  areas  with  the  neighboring  country are in  the  habit  of  the  parents  to  give  fancy  names  to  their  children.. Even  children  are  given  names  of  the  days  of  the  week  like  Sunday,  Monday, Friday  and  also  names of Indian  states  like  Goa  and  Tripura  and also  Hindu  deities like  Ram,   Lakhon  and  Durga.