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  A  look-out  is  being  made,  to  track  down    certain  big  guns  who  were  behind  the  scene  of  the   Shillong  violence,  which  badly  disturbed  normal  life  in  capital  city  which  led  to  the  damage  worth  crores  of  rupees  to  property. The  violence  was  masterminded  by  certain  vested interests or  political  motivated  agencies, providing  expensive  liquor  and  cash to the instigators. No stone would be left unturned in identifying the culprits. A magisterial  probe  is  already  on  in  digging  the many aspects  of  the  violence. The  violence  has  also  interrupted  mobile and  internet  services, as  some  of  such  operations  were  withdrawn. With  the  return of  normalcy,  it  is  expected  the  usual  trade  activities  would  resume and that  prices  of  essential commodities  would  be  brought  down  as  usual.