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Flash Back March 1998

Meghalaya poll analysis

The results of the Mghalaya Legislative Assembly election 1998 are poised for a hung assembly.

The analysis showed that in Khasi Hills wherever the regional parties failed to put up a common platform against the Congress, the Congress party has come out winners. In the constituencies dominated by the non-tribal the decrease in the votes of Congress has benefited the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in three constituencies, i.e Laban, Pynthorumkhrah and Dalu. If the peoples Democratic Movement and UDP would have formed a common platform then the chances of the regional parties sweeping the polls in the Khasi hills would have been complete.

Another interesting factor emerges when we scan through the involvement of the most of the minister who were tainted with various scams. As many as fourteen sitting MLAs lost their seats. However, the overall performance of the Congrss have shown a marginal improvement in this election over 1993 one in terms of increase in the number of seats by just one. But this increase was not commensurate by increase in the percentage........