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We will complete 73 years of Independence this 15th August 2020. The miracle called India continues to achieve milestones one after another befittingly replying to the detractors of the idea of a powerful India. A giant step towards achievement of India’s super power status is getting the ills of partitions undone for our nation. A major step in the direction is the reconvening of the river transport from Eastern India to parts of Northeast via Bangladesh which was stopped in 1965. A route which will not only cut the distance by more than half but also greatly help the economy of the entire northeastern region. The first trial runs from Kolkata Port to Agartala Land Port have started via Chittagong sea port.

This Independence Day is a special one as is the year 2020. With almost everyone wanting to erase the year or reboot it, we must remember this year has shown mankind how feeble we really are. We must remember profits cannot be the only driving factor. India is known as the invention hub of the world (Or was known!). We need to get back to the roots and a positive step in that direction is the bringing of the new National Education policy after 34 years. Floods across the country are recurring affairs. India’s northeast are ravaged by annual floods with Assam bearing the brunt of it the most. However, the construction of all the embankments and dykes has not solved this perennial problem. One of the Chief Engineer’s of Brahmaputra Board while speaking to me had told that only large dams is the solution. However, one of environmental scientist was flabbergasted with idea as she felt the damage to the eco system of the dam site would be irreversible and not to forget the earthquakes. Well Japan has the skyscrapers and earthquakes both in coexistence together. Now in these situations we need to find the middle path which can only come by research and inventions.

Hopefully with the recommendation of NITI Aayog to increase the expenditure from 3% to 6% of GDP on education and the new education policy in place, India will reclaim its past glory of world leader in times to come. Let’s not make the mistake of thinking that India has not achieved. Well, I would bet no country in the world with such diverse demographics can achieve what we have done in just over 73 years.

We should be proud of it. And celebrate this ‘New Year’ to take a pledge in becoming a corona warrior by making sure that we support all the efforts of our real frontline workers of health, administration, security, industry, farmers and scientist. We owe to all the selfless people of our country and world to make sure that the gloom of today is lifted by the high spirits of the youth of our nation.

Happy Independence Day

Harsh Jhunjhunwala

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