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Uncertainties Looming Large in Every Sphere of Business Activities


Stealthy entering into the busy body of global economyabout four months ago, the Covid-19 wrought havoc in it proving invisible virus can inflict most visible damages of gigantic proportion almost completelylocking down trade and commerce.


The pandemic’s toxic kiss was felt in and every aspect of human life. As far as economy is concerned,it made everything go haywire reminding us the Sub-Prime Crisis hitting in 2008-09 and the traumatic Great Depression of 1929.

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Following is the excerpt of an exclusive talk and conversation presented as it is: Mrinmoy Das on the background of research on the Anchor 

Dhubri is situated on the western most part of Assam; this place with a rich history as the gateway to undivided Assam is where the mighty Brahmaputra ends before entering Bangladesh.

The geographical location and picturesque beauty of this part of Assam surrounded with forests, hills, rivers, lush green fields and plantations has attracted many past conquerors of different period to rule and settle here, including the Britishers. After the arrival of the British, Dhubri became an important administrative seat of the western powers. The present district has been carved out from the greater Goalpara district in the year 1983 after serving as the district headquarter for four consecutive years . 

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Mizoram, earlier known as Lushai Hills was a district of Assam since its annexation in 1891 by the British Indian Administration till it’s upgradation as Union Territory of Mizoram in 1972. In pre-colonial era, Lushai Hills (Mizoram) was politically independent territory which was the domain of the Chiefs and was free from political domination of any outside forces. Mizoram was infested by insurgency for two decades with the declaration of independence of Mizoram and formation of the Provisional Government of Mizoram by the Mizo National Front (MNF) on 1st March, 1966 and insurgency came to an end with the signing of the Mizoram Accord on 30 June, 1986. Subsequently, Mizoram was accorded the status of statehood on 20 February, 1987 and it became the most peaceful state of India. Mizoram since District Council era was a law-abiding territory and lawless activities were very uncommon even in the past.

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Truly said…Mother’s Love is Mother’s Strength


A 50-year old single mother braved the strict lockdown by riding her Scooty for about 1,400 Kilometers to bring her 17- year old son home.


Razia Begum, a teacher by profession lives in Nizamabad district of Telengana was anxious about the wellbeing of her son studying medicine in Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh who had been caught in lockdown.


Finding no other way out to bring her son back home, she approached Assistant Police Commissioner, Jaipal Reddy in Bodhan, after hearing her, issued a pass to travel to Hyderabad to bring her son home.


Razia Begum took her Scooty and hit the road to rode around 700 kms to reach Nellore where her son, Md. Nizamuddin got stranded in the house of his friend to look after his ailing father.

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Called wittily as the ‘Far East’ of India, as they term it as “out of sight out of mind of Delhi”, Assam, as everyone is aware of, is currently passing through very trying times in economic growth, along with the rest of the country owing to a virus called corona virus epidemic (Covid-19), which incidentally originated in the central Chinese city of Wuhan in Hubei province in December last year. It is indeed so infectious and deadly that nobody possibly seems to have ever dreamt in their wildest dream that a day will come when such a viral virus  across the globe, will be seen to be wrecking havoc ceaselessly not just across our country but all over the world as well, like the truly devastating one which is notoriously known as ‘Spanish flu’, of 1918-19 when the world war I was at its zenith, and killed as many as 500 million people around the world.

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