Haipou Jadonang

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Haipou Jadonang

Haipou Jadonang was the youngest of the three sons of Thindai (father) and Tabonliu (mother) and was born in the year 1905 at Kambiron (Puilon) village in Tamenglong district of Manipur. He was one of the first Nagas to claim to be the ‘Messiah King’ of the Nagas and strove to liberate his people from British rule. Playing the role of a God – King, he became popular for his prophesies, healing power, religious and social activities. He organised his people into an effective resistance against British rule. His movement popularly called the Naga Raj spread like wildfire and engulfed the whole Zeliangrong areas and further widened its influence to neighbouring areas.

Subsequent to the widespread uprising in the area, the British initiated plans to bring down Haipou Jadonang and crush his Naga Raj. The Political Agent of Manipur State, J. C. Higgins finally succeeded in arresting Haipou Jadonang on the 19th of February 1931 at Cachar. About a month later, he was taken to Imphal and was imprisoned in Imphal Jail while prosecution against him and some of his followers was going on at the court of the Manipur Political Agent.

On the 29th of August, a day that is observed by all Zeliangrong inhabited areas, he was hung by the order of the British Government at the banks of the Nambul River. It was thus that this pioneer of the anti – colonial movement in the Northeastern region of India became a martyr.

Haipou Jadonang dedicated his life to the progress and upliftment of his people, though his dream of uniting his people is yet to see the light of day.