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The time has ripened when Rahul Gandhi together with Priyanka must search for a magic wand and hand it over to Sonia Gandhi to solve problems plaguing the oldest political party Congress, plagued by multiple ills, some like Punjab being the first among them.

A hot political Punjabi Tadka now is being fied in the troubled kitchen of Congress just four months before the legislative assembly polls due in the state in February, 2022. Apparently, every political quarter is busy with it but not the Nehru-Gandhi family as is being viewed widely.

An impartial political look at the whole development within the Congress would make people realize that the Interim party President Sonia Gandhi and de facto President Rahul Gandhi appears to be creating grounds for the third term of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister as the Lok Sabha polls is due in 2024.

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 Violence on the Independence Day

The day ‘15 August’ occupies a special place in the heart of every Indian. On this specific day, the whole country celebrates the Freedom from the foreign invasion, hoisting flags, honoring the freedom fighters and celebrating the patriotism encrypted within each of us. But Meghalaya, a part of the Northeast state India was grueling with violence on the death of the leader not the freedom fighter but the ‘ex-militant leader’.

Few questions had been brewing around…Was it necessary to conduct funeral on the Independence Day? Marching ahead with the black flags instead of the country’s tri-color flag? Or was it necessary to be so aggressive on the death of the militant who was once responsible to form the militancy group, engaged into extortion and taking innocent lives. But yet his demise was chosen to be mourned on the National Day.

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