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The people, even in their wildest dream would not have imagined that a strong-willed and a film actor of the calibre of Sushant Singh Rajput would commit suicide. The inevitable occurred when the Bollywood matinee idol had taken the extreme step on June 14, this year. Sources in the industry cite quite a number of reasons for the 34-year-old handsome-looking actor’s premature death. The psychiatrist Mini Rao opines that he did not take the requisite medicine on the day that led to his departure from the earth. The general opinion, however, is that Rajput could not withstand the stress and strain due to mental depression that enmeshed him for quite some time prior to his death.

That subsequent to the demise of the “Chhichhore” actor, reports are rife in media that Sushant’s death was not simpliciter a “suicide” but was in fact a case of “abetment to commit suicide” involving Bollywood biggies such as: Karan Johar, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Salman Khan and Ekta Kapoor, as the abettors.

Lately, Advocate Sudhir Kumar Ojha got registered an F.I.R. against the alleged abettors in Bihar (Muzaffarpur). That the F.I.R. has been registered under the following Sections of the IPC:

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Northeast is buckling up its shoes with the stringent measures against the terror of Corona, which the whole world is facing as of now. Fortunately, Northeast have been overcoming the situation with people cooperating with the disciplinary actions implemented by the Government officials. At this mode, Eastern Panorama Editor Harsh Jhunjhunwala came across Shri H.B. Marak, IAS Deputy Commissioner, South Garo Hills, Baghmara.The South Garo Hills district lies in the southern part of the state of Meghalaya, with its headquarter at Baghmara, the only town in the district. Situated in such difficult terrain, Shri HB Marak, gave his excerpts on how this region is ready to cope up with the pandemic if crisis arises besides foretelling the development of the remote areas along with the encouragement to the tourism sector.

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