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Blood blood and blood! But not spilling due to killing or violence, rather it is the blood of youths siphoning to the bottles after bodies of patients lying in the hospital bed in critical condition. No matter who needs the blood to survive, a call is enough to The Humanity, an NGO of Dhubri for donating blood of patient in its need.


A young youth of Dhubri town, Sudip Kumar Kundu realised the need of blood donation to the patients battling the life and death on the bed of hospitals and private nursing homes some 16 years ago, and that restless mind as what could be done to 'Save the Life" in need of blood of patient's group.

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Dhubri one of the 117 inspirational districts in the country achieved a rare distinction recently by topping among the 7 districts in Assam in the field of financial inclusion and skill development.

This was revealed none other than anyone but by the Chief Executive Officer, Niti Aayog, Amitabhh Kant in a three-day meeting held at Khanapara Administrative Staff College Auditorium from February 24. Kant congratulated Dhubri Deputy Commissioner Anant Lal Gyani  for the remarkable achievements and advised him to carry forward the momentum further in other fields too in the days to come.

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Declaration of your past disease or Pre –existing disease.

This declaration is a very vital point while purchasing a health insurance product. As most of the claim is repudiated because of pre existing disease not mentioned while proposal form is filled up during the phase of applying for the policy.

It is generally termed as Pre- Existing Disease, after 2 years of continuous premium payment; hospitalization is rejected on the ground of non-disclosure of facts.

Lets us understand the meaning of Pre- Existing disease in a deeper way.

 a)      History of Hospitalizations for serious illness or surgeries.

b)     History of illness for example diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid which does not require emergency attention .The disease may be in control however, the declaration is very vital and mandatory.

c)      Anyone under medication which is continuing.

d)     Past record of serious injury to head, eye etc.

e)      Any disorder relating to skin etc.

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Soon after India lifted the ban on Bangladeshi nationals for Sikkim visit, the number of tourists from the neighbouring country has seen a steady increase. Within a span of one year, a total of 60, 524 Bangladeshi tourists visited the tiny Himalayan state Sikkim.

Prior to 2018, restrictions were imposed on Bangladeshi nationals visiting Sikkim. The ban on Bangladeshi visitors to Sikkim and Ladakh was lifted in 2018.

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Spiraling prices of essential commodities are currently leading to spurt in food price inflation, fluctuating liquidity in the system alongside lower-than-expected credit off-take, topsy-turvy industrial recovery.  Lesser credit off-take continues to crimp the banking industry. Therefore, the Government has to do a balancing act of sustaining economic growth on the one hand and maintaining price stability on the other hand. Side by side the monetary authority’s prime role is to be maintained – steps necessary towards gradually weaning away the economy from its current dependence on accommodative monetary policy and make it market-driven with an aim to prop up growth and arrest inflationary pressure. These may be the beginning of a reverse trend. The muted growth of credit is likely to be stimulated and buoyancy is restored.

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