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NPP was formed on 6 January 2013 by late P.A Sangma. The present National President is Conrad Sangma, who is also heading the post of Chief Minister of Meghalaya. This is the only national political party having base in the Northeast.

The party has a vote share of 20.8% in the last Assembly Election, where they filed 51 candidates and out of which its 19 candidates won the election and were the runners up and 10 were in the third position. The party was not the single largest party as Indian National Congress got 21 seats. However, with alliance particularly with UDP and others, the NPP formed the government.

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All India Trinamool Congress is an active player in 2023 election, even though it had only 0.4% vote share in 2018 Meghalaya Legislative Assembly. Yet, the party seems to be in an active mode. The presence of Mamata Banerjee, the President of AITC and the Chief Minister of West Bengal was recently at Shillong to boost the morale of its party workers. Former Chief Minister of Meghalaya Dr. Mukul sangma and former speaker of Meghalaya Legislative Assembly Mr. Charles Pyngrope are with AITC.

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There is a general perception that Congress is already out and vanished. This may not be true for Meghalaya, as in the last Assembly election, Congress not only got the largest number of seats i.e 21, but also highest percentage of vote share of about 28.8%. Not only this, as many as 17 candidates were runners up.

Yes, it is true as many as 12 sitting MLAs in the state of Meghalaya left the Congress to join TMC a year back. Overnight, AITC became the largest opposition party of Meghalaya. The grand old national party Congress was reduced to just 7 members. It is not clear whether the migration of their MLAs to TMC will change any voting pattern.

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Is BJP a Paper Tiger? Perhaps, no more. In the last election 2018, the BJP contested in 47 seats and won only 2. With 9.7% vote share, the party made its presence felt in the state of Meghalaya. 7 of its candidates were runners up and 8 of them were in the third position. This is so, when the party has not sincerely fought the elections in 2018. The situation in 2023 will be different as they will fight the elections at their best. As this is evident from the PM visit at NEC Golden Jubilee celebration on December 18, 2022, in which Mr. Modi spoke in election language and practically launched BJP campaign.

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