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A prominent martyr of India’s Freedom struggle.

Moje Riba was a patriot and one of the noblest sons of our motherland. Because he was always ready to help others, people lovingly called him Aboh Nyiji (Old father of all). Born sometime in 1890’s to Late Gomo Riba at Daring Village (now Dari), under Basar circle, West Siang area, he possessed a magnetic personality and a lion’s heart.

The villagers of Daring village made him GB (Gaon Burah) of their village. It is said that

he traded and sold cane products to his Hindi-speaking friends crossing the mighty River Brahmaputra at Dibrugarh. There he heard of the freedom movement and India’s Freedom struggle against the British regime. Thus he was motivated to join the Indian National Congress. Moje Riba and the village representatives of Daring Village assembled at Daring and decided to go to Sadiya to present their support to the Indian National Congress (INC) where theyhey met Gopinath Bordoloi and Lalit Hazarika. The latter asked him to garner support for the Indian National Congress.

As per family sources, Moje Riba after joining with Indian National Congress (INC) became the first president of INC from Arunachal Pradesh. For his innumerable cause and sacrifice for the Independence of India and Arunachal Pradesh he was honoured with Tamra Patra by the then Prime Minister of India Smti Indira Gandhi on the red letter day of 25th years of Indian Independence on 15th August 1972.The great soul left us on 1982 at his residence in his native village Daring. His strong feeling of patriotism, boldness in action will remain as an inspiration to the generations to come. In his death Arunachal Pradesh has lost a great son of hers.