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Sanbor Shullai the sitting member of Laban South Shillong, has made a direct challenge to his Congress rival Manas Choudhury, that he would defeat him outright by fifteen thousand votes. Sanbor Shullai former Deputy Speaker of the state assembly who was with the Nationalist Congress Party, had parted ways with the party and shifted his allegiance to the Bharatiiya Janata Party and was given a ticket in his favour to the dismay of Manas Choudhury. Over and above Sanbor has intentions to leave no stone unturned to defeat Manas Choudhury by fifteen thousand votes.  It is therefore a frontal challenge that Manas Choudhury has to pick up the gauntlet. Manas had also represented the Laban constituency and have enough resource, being a Congress candidate and feel that the BJP had betrayed him in giving the BJP ticket to Sanbor Shullai. It has been an arbitrary of the BJP, which reflect its policy of opportunity Manas has termed the challenge of Sanbor Shullai as a “pipe-dream.”