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Assam Police arrested 2 khasi Youth in Boko

Few days after tension erupted along the Meghalaya Assam border when Assam Police personnel trespassed into Umwali village near Langpih in West Khasi hills district in Meghalaya the Assam police on 21 February 2020 around 4 pm arrested two Khasi youths in Boko Assam.

Speaking to Eastern Panorama HYC President Distarborlin Wanniang said that both Alningstar Snaitang and Bibarius Marwein were travelling to Boko Market in Assam in a vehicle with number plate ML 10 A 1452 when they were stop by Assam Police. The Assam police on stopping the duo asked them to produce papers like license etc.

HYC President Distarborlin Wanniang said that the duo had all their papers with them but the Assam Police arrested the duo based on the allegation that they (police) found alcohol which were meant to be sold in Meghalaya in their vehicles.

HYC President Distarborlin Wanniang said that Assam police cannot falsely allege that they were carrying alcohol without any prove.

“If they were so keen to arrest people carrying Meghalaya alcohol in Assam then they should arrest all those illegal alcohol smugglers in Boko or Assam” he added.

The Council leader said that they will wait for 24 ours before taking any steps against the criminal committed by Assam police.