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Flash Back April 1998

The Siachen Tigers

A prime example of the balance between military and civilian duties of a helicopter unit is borne out by one of the most cherished units of the Indian Air Force – the 128 HU better known as the “Siachen Tiger”. The Siachen Tigers shot into limelight during the Siachen imbroglio of the mid-eighties when its dare devil pilots fought natures vagaries on a daily basis to keep the lines of communication with the worlds highest battle field open through out the year. After completing its tour of duty on north India, the Siachen Tigers moved to their new home in Upper Assam. Presently, the unit is involved in providing Air maintenance Operation of the entries state of Arunachal Pradesh as well as parts of eastern Nagaland. Sector served include Tawang, Subnsiri, Siang, Lohit, Trap and eastern Nagaland. In the absence of all weather motorable roads, the local populace for the better part of the year, are dependent o these versatile machines and their brave pilot. Although the Government of Arunachal Pradesh pays in hard cash  for ferrying essential commodities to remote and inaccessible areas, .......................