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We have to put a stop to the domino effect of terrible beauty across the world. Humankind is engaged in a fierce battle, the battle of survival. A new brush is needed to paint green the nightmarish apocalyptic landscape of the world.

 The pandemic lockdown has become a valuable coefficient of understanding of our life at close quarters on this planet which has also led to revisualising a partly hallucinatory cum contradictory vision of the human life in the coming future.

The hectic feverish technology - dependant millennial life may get a knee jerk and the old life style will be alive only in the pages of history. No more kitty parties, no more Viennese waltz, no more Tango or Kabuki. All will automatically die due to the social distancing and this social distancing seems to stay on and on and may eventually become a permanent feature of the new world. The feverish hectic 4G dominated artificial life proudly displaying the dregs of synthetic smile, pretended honesty and phony sincerity, with an ostentatious display of contrived compassion and feigned love...  all these would soon become outdated, somewhat outlandish and would finally get lost in the limbo of yesteryears. The present tense of our life will soon dissolve into a beautiful relic of our past. All  these misapprehensions and speculations  about our life, art and aesthetics of future may not get catalyzed into, may not turn into a palpable piece of reality, yet a possibility of its slow manipulation, of its  effectualisation as a means of creating artistic and social constituents cannot be ruled out. Primitive honesty, universal kindness and pristine compassion would come back once again and genuine sympathy and empathy will be reanimated, gently influencing the life of the humankind. A palpable fantasy with a new orthography may be born by caesarian section at a certain notch of time, which will be trumpeting its distinctive dimensions of historically local indigenous aesthetic cultural, political and social system. It might result in an uninterrupted process of cognition and aesthetic assimilation of the fast changing world. Our over exploited planet, our mercilessly stripped Nature owing to the technological hubris may get transformed into a land of vibrant greenery, displaying fiercely contagion effect. Either it may be able to offer a crisp replica of the Garden of Eden or the entire planet may change into a kind of the land of Lotus Eaters, where there will be a languid motion of time, and where only sluggishness will be regarded as a great virtue where the life of inaction and passivity will be the most sought after commodity. It is frightening to imagine such an oxymoronic world which if not checked may become a scintillating   feature of the future tense of the new civilization. A positive realization would certainly dawn upon the human kind that the man and the earth have a fragile yet vital interdependent unity which at any cost must be preserved.

Massive digitalization is another prospective picture of the post Covid society. It may rapidly spread in the distant corners of the world and every activity will be carried out on line: Love and hatred, happiness and sorrow, meetings and marriages, births and deaths, birthday parties and funerals. A new brand of Orwell's 1984 may sprout all over the world. Aldous Huxley may have to rewrite a new version of his Brave New World. I admire Huxley’s prophetic perception who had passionately advocated the Taoist "organismic conception of life" which underpins Nature as a "system of dynamic balances” emphasizing man’s oneness with Nature as a corrective to the arrogance of science and technology". "If we want to be treated well by Nature, we have to treat Nature well". Huxley’s ecologically prophetic thoughts are brilliantly yet succinctly expressed in "Island".   

Dr. A A Sinha

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