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Bollywood and controversies have a strong relation. Whether the talk is about casting couch, decadence, nepotism, bias or connections to the high and mighty, Bollywood has surely for long taken centre stage in the global media. The controversy this time spiked after actress Kangana Ranaut made claims about Bollywood’s involvement in drugs.

The actress recently stated that 90% of those in Bollywood are drug addicts. In the same tweet, Kangana even revealed some big names in the industry as being cocaine addicts. The actress claimed that police and politicians, too, are partners-in-crime when it comes to drugs.

 While Kangana’s shocking remarks are certainly courageous to which Bollywood has been a largely silent spectator, the scandal surely seems to be adding to tarnishing Bollywood’s reputation. Also, with the Narcotics Control Bureau (NBC) investigating Rhea Chakraborty and two others on the basis of a drug angle in connection with Sushant’s death, Kangana’s allegation seems to support the investigation.

This is not even the first time Bollywood has been caught in a drug controversy. Reports even in the past claimed that the drug problem in Bollywood was deep-rooted, and some of the actors had confessed that though they took drugs or were addicted, they have now overcome it.
People close to the industry validate that most of the Bollywood celebrities are drug addicts and their high-end parties have a separate corner for consumption. Even The Tashkent Files Director Vivek Agnihotri supported Kangana’s statement that drug mafias do exist in Bollywood and has increased in Bollywood in the last ten years.
Also for allegations against Kangana using drugs once upon a time, she stated that if she is found to have had any connection with drug peddlers, she will leave Mumbai forever.


The national award-winning actor revealed that it is common for Bollywood stars to use drug, and newcomers also start with drugs early on. She claimed, 99 per cent of stars consume drugs where everything is handled in a systematic manner. Their wives also host these parties. It is a different environment altogether. She alleged that many governments have helped this Bollywood-drug mafia grow. These people promote nepotism; many of them do drugs from childhood and then become actors or directors. The actor revealed that even politicians and police officials turn a blind eye to drug use by Bollywood stars. She said that the actors do campaign for the politicians, so their drug abuse is ignored by the administration. Kangana Ranaut said that when Bollywood parties take place, people from a certain category are always seen there, who supply drugs. These are generally people who run restaurants or clubs.

What has caused the most impact following is the recent summons given to Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan as well as Shraddha Kapoor by the NBC. For the unversed, Deepika Padukone got roped into a meeting with the NBC, after the media leaked snip-bits of her drug related conversations with her manager via Whatsapp.

When the screenshots initially came out, Kangana was the first to jump onto social media and point out, “Repeat after me, depression is a consequence of drug abuse. So called high society rich star children who claim to be classy and have a good upbringing ask their manager”.
Following a war of words ensued between the ruling party and Kangana’s comments on the Mumbai Police over their reckless attitude into the Sushant Singh Rajput case, BMC on September 9, demolished parts of Kangana Ranaut’s bungalow…even though the hearing was going on in the Bombay High Court. The actress posted calling Mumbai Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. She also alleged that the CM and few Bollywood artists are trying to silence her. The actor was provided Y-plus Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) security on the recommendation of the Himachal Pradesh Police Chief Sanjay Kundu after she complained of threat to her life.
The Bombay High Court seeming doubtful against this act asked the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), if it always act with the same swiftness to demolish other unauthorised structures as it did with actor Kangana Ranaut’s bungalow. There are many illegal structures across Mumbai owned by biggies; still BMC concentrated on a particular case without adhering to any legal steps.  Thereby, the High Court has asked the civic body to explain why it did not proceed against Ranaut under provisions of the law that would have required the corporation to give the actor sufficient time to respond to the charges. Kangana Ranaut has also amended her plea to demand Rs 2 crore as damages from BMC and its officials for the demolition.
Her stand against nepotism and the “movie mafia” is being run as the topmost debate of the country and it is noteworthy to praise her outspoken and lioness attitude. Also, the Y-security from the Centre and a demolition in Mumbai has taken her far beyond the confines of that debate. Is she now, the BJP’s sword-arm to derail the existing opponent coalition Government in Maharashtra?  In anyway, she has taken to the role with much energy and gusto against the Dirty Game of Bollywood which is ruining youngsters’ life with so called sedatives. Let the truth prevail and set culprits behind the bars. The young generation, who entries Maya Nagri to seek work in huge numbers every year, some fight, flourish and come out as Kangna but what about the rest ….think about it.
Rashmi Mizar
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