Tribute paid to over 1600 Bodoland Martyr’s on the 11th Bodoland Day.

Tribute paid to over 1600 Bodoland Martyr’s on the 11th Bodoland Day.

The word ‘martyr’, is used to define a person who would undergo tremendous torture and atrocities for the sake of a principle. The pain that these noble people go through is indeed unimaginable as it is of the highest degree that you can think of, but what makes these persons really inspiring to us is the fact that they would even undergo death to prove a certain point. Such a courageous act can only be implemented by performing by a noble few. It is no doubt indeed that such persons should be thought about with utmost respect in our mind and hearts.

The Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC), headed by their Chief- Hagrama Mohilary did so honor their fallen martyr’s of their community on 10th February, 2013. A tribute was paid to the martyr’s at a Cemetery which was set up at Deborgaon which is located near Kokrajhar. The cemetery was built in a plot of land which was surrounded by the Bodoland University, Deborgaon Higher Secondary School, St Ann’s College and CIT, Kokrajhar. BTC Chief Hagrama Mohilary himself laid down the foundation stone. The Hydraulic fountain and water canal was designed like that of the Brindaban Gardens of Mysore. The cemetery housed about 1607 small crypts of the heroes, which also included 11 bronze statues of great Bodo leaders such as Bodofa Upendra Nath Brahma, Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary, Subungthini Thandwi, Bineswar Brahma, Bir Chilangang Basumatary, Sujit Narzary, Helena Basumatary, Gaide Basumatary, Baliram Boro, Anthai Gwra Bodosa and Horkhab Narzary.

The inauguration of the cemetery began with an opening speech being given by the BTC Chief Hangrama Mohilary where he mentioned that the BTC originated through the sacrifices paid by the noble people who had fallen for the cause of the community. He went on saying that the Bodo shall never forget the sacrifices made by these great leaders and also extended his heartfelt gratitude to the family members of the martyrs. Apart from this, many ministers, MP’s and dignitaries were also present in the inauguration.

The President of Kokrajhar district committee ABSU, also spoke on this occasion and expressed that the building or construction of this cemetery was inspirational and reflects the history of the Bodo movement. Other eminent people such as the President of the Bodo Sahitya Sabha (BSS) Dr. Kameshwar Brahma, MP Sansuma Khunggur Bwiswmuthiary and President of the All Bodo Womens’s Welfare Federation (ABWWF) Mithinga Basumatary had als participated on this occasion.

Besides this the family members of the martyrs were also felicitated on this occasion.  The Sahitya Akademi award winners were also felicitated by the council, which was followed by the BTC Chief Mohilary conferring the Hayenni Sufin Promod Brahma Literaray Award 2013 to the former President of the BSS Brajendra Kumar Brahma for his outstanding contribution to Bodo literature. A cheque of `1 Lakh was also received by Brajendra Kumar Brahma for his involvement in Bodo literature.

Reeta Kamble.