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Flash Back July 1998

Landslides Hit Sikkim

With the beginning of monsoon in the tiny Himalayan State of Sikkim, landslides hit once again here claiming at least 14 lives and rendering many homeless. As a result of heavy downpour, the 31 National Highway and many places in and around the capital particularly East district have been affected by the recent landslides. North Sikkim as well as the other parts of the State were cut off from the rest of the world for several days. The landslide spectre of last year is still haunting in the people which killed more than 50 persons.

The rivers which flow from the glaciers of the Himalayas and its tributaries have swollen tremendously as a result of which the roads and villages are at danger and at any moment the area can be washed away. Shangtam is already flooded by the overflooding of Ranikhola which completely washed away about six houses and affecting a large population. Add a comment Read more: Flash Back July 1998

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Flash Back June 1998

Mushrooming of fake martial arts instructors

There are an estimated 2000 to 3000 Black Belt holders in the whole of the North East region, including several instructors who claim to be presently holding high ranks in the discipline of martial arts. There are even persons who claim to be 4th, 5th, and 6th Dan holders. This is very doubtful as it takes at least 25 years of training to achieve this.

A lot of unscrupulous persons who have no other livelihood too have joined the ranks of martial art instructors as there are no Government regulations regarding the regularization of martial arts credentials. This means that any person can wear a Black Belt and start a martial arts school.  Many of these fake Black Belt holders have several schools all over the states and have many students. The majority of these students are children who are not aware that they are being taken for a ride. Add a comment Read more: Flash Back June 1998

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Flash Back May 1998

Manipur Tribal Students at sea with UPSC language paper

The tribals of Manipur, particularly the students, are yet to fully come to terms with the recent decision of the country’s apex recruitment body to various all – India services to introduce a compulsory language paper for the tribal aspirants of the State. In a swift and unexpected move which caught the tribals gasping for breath and which has been described as ‘unacceptable’, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) through its notification F.1/5/97 EI(B) Preliminary Examination of the Civil Services Examination, 1998 which was published in the November 29 December 5, 1997 issue of Employment News has reduced the hope and the aspiration of Manipuri tribals to ashes. Though a direct reference to the effect that tribal aspirants of Manipur are to offer major Indian language paper as a compulsory subject / paper has not been made, Add a comment Read more: Flash Back May 1998

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Flash Back April 1998

The Siachen Tigers

A prime example of the balance between military and civilian duties of a helicopter unit is borne out by one of the most cherished units of the Indian Air Force – the 128 HU better known as the “Siachen Tiger”. The Siachen Tigers shot into limelight during the Siachen imbroglio of the mid-eighties when its dare devil pilots fought natures vagaries on a daily basis to keep the lines of communication with the worlds highest battle field open through out the year. After completing its tour of duty on north India, the Siachen Tigers moved to their new home in Upper Assam. Presently, the unit is involved in providing Air maintenance Operation of the entries state of Arunachal Pradesh as well as parts of eastern Nagaland. Sector served include Tawang, Subnsiri, Siang, Lohit, Trap and eastern Nagaland. In the absence of all weather motorable roads, the local populace for the better part of the year, are dependent o these versatile machines and their brave pilot. Although the Government of Arunachal Pradesh pays in hard cash  for ferrying essential commodities to remote and inaccessible areas, .......................

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Flash Back March 1998

Meghalaya poll analysis

The results of the Mghalaya Legislative Assembly election 1998 are poised for a hung assembly.

The analysis showed that in Khasi Hills wherever the regional parties failed to put up a common platform against the Congress, the Congress party has come out winners. In the constituencies dominated by the non-tribal the decrease in the votes of Congress has benefited the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in three constituencies, i.e Laban, Pynthorumkhrah and Dalu. If the peoples Democratic Movement and UDP would have formed a common platform then the chances of the regional parties sweeping the polls in the Khasi hills would have been complete.

Another interesting factor emerges when we scan through the involvement of the most of the minister who were tainted with various scams. As many as fourteen sitting MLAs lost their seats. However, the overall performance of the Congrss have shown a marginal improvement in this election over 1993 one in terms of increase in the number of seats by just one. But this increase was not commensurate by increase in the percentage........

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