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A pro-active step was taken towards the inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (PwD) through Paralympics amenities in the State. The unique ability of sports to transcend linguistic, cultural and social barriers makes it a great platform for inclusion of PwDs. Through sports, people without disabilities can interact with disabled people in proper context and will help them re-evaluate their thinking about disabled people. On the other hand, the Nagaland officials said that the sports will help disabled people to force change in the society about PwDs. 

State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Diethono Nakhro inaugurated the Paralympic Amenities at Nagaland Olympics Association (NOA) Office in Kohima. He said, that with proper support, there is a guarantee that many will make a mark in both national and international arenas. Sports facilities should be made fully accessible for disabled people. The NOA has taken a very crucial step which has opened doors for inclusion of disabled people in the society, she added.


Advisor to Chief Minister, Asst VP, Athletics Federation of India, Abu Metha said that the NOA had taken up a decision to incorporate an inclusive approach in the overall sports development program of the State and Olympic association and upon the advice of the State Commission for Persons with Disabilities, the Paralympic Committee of the NOA has been established. With the streamlining of the NOA, Paralympic sports will have an inclusion in the future sporting events. Metha acknowledged and thanked the State Commissioner who has been the inspiration and encouragement for establishing the Paralympic committee. He requested the citizens to give more respect and support to the people who faced challenges due to their disabilities. He assured the support and commitment of the NOA for inclusion of disabled people through sports. He appealed to all sections of the Naga society to come forward and support the venture of NOA. He added, that the Paralympic Committee will work from the office of NOA and that the NOA is ready to include Paralympic sports in the forthcoming Nagaland Olympics. The NOA will also have collaboration with the National Federation to continue taking up activities which will help disabled people.

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