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Northeast First Hearing-Aid Centre in Aizawl

A leader in the hearing aid industry, Signia recently launched the Best Sound Centre, the first store of its kind in Aizawl. The facility is available at EL Nathan Hearing Clinic in Aizawl’s Bawngkawn. In a joint venture of Sivantos India and Nawka Speech & Hearing, the people here with a hearing impairment can experience hearing live with hearing aids and take an informed decision to enhance their hearing journey.

The Best Sound Centre is set to showcase the finest from Sivantos’ premium hearing care brand, Signia. The Best Sound Center is one of the largest networks of hearing care professionals with more than 290 centers spread across the country and aims at providing quality services to people. Nawka & Signia have been working together for the past 25 Years in North-East. Nawka HAC runs 10 clinics across five North-Eastern States.

Speaking at the launching event, Sivantos India Director Mohan Swamy said, that Sivantos India along with Nawka Speech & Hearing is excited to announce the launch of Northeast India’s first Best Sound Centre that will provide a quantum leap in sound quality and connectivity to its people, enabling users to take greater control of their personal hearing experience. He added that, “We are constantly innovating new technological solutions and introducing advanced digital products, which offer the high-quality listening experience to the user, customized for their need”.

According to him, hearing impairment or loss is often neglected which leads to delay in diagnosis in India. There is a strong social, physical and psychological impact on an individual due to the stigma associated with hearing loss. He said, “As an extension to our offerings, we are glad to spread our wings to the Northeastern region of the country”. This expansion is in line with the focus on taking hearing aids beyond devices to help people hear better and maximize every moment of their lives. 

As per WHO estimates in India, there are approximately 63 million people, who are suffering from Significant Auditory Impairment; this places the estimated prevalence at 6.3% in the Indian population. 

Nawka said, that they are extremely excited and proud to be associated with Signia. He said, “We believe hearing has a great influence on the overall development of an individual. Therefore, identification of hearing impairment is the very first step in addressing the issues related to it. With our advanced clinical technology and services, we hope to serve and benefit many people in and around Mizoram”.

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