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Subhash Chandra Paul (84), ardent follower of Gandhian ideology and philosophy still wears khadi and leads a humble and plain life.

He took part in all the agitation programmes launched by Gandhi including Quit India Movement and was imprisoned many times. Being a student leader, he had organized ‘Foreign Material Boycott’ programme in Dhubri town.

Like a true Gandhian, he, though 84 years old now walks on foot holding an umbrella and Dhubrians have seldom seen him

traveling by rickshaw. Moreover, being the secretary of Dhubri Mela Committee, Paul remains busy in various social activities in the town.

Paul said that much water has flown down to the Brahmaputra but the nation has failed to address the basic problems of the downtrodden.

Gandhi seems to have been forgotten. In free India, Gandhian philosophy has not been propagated and thus 2nd October has become a mere ritual for the countrymen. Gandhian principles have been assassinated over the years not Gandhi because Gandhi still lives in the hearts of millions of people across the world,” Paul said.