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20 reasons why LIFE without a girlfriend is cool
1.    You can stare at any girl
2.    You don’t have to spend money on her
3.    You won’t get boring results in your board papers
4.    No girlfriend, no emotional blackmailing
5.    If you don’t have a girlfriend, she can’t dump you
6.    Having a girlfriend is hot, not having a girlfriend is automatically cool and everyone wants to be a cool guy

7.    There can be more to life than just waiting for the bloody phone to ring
8.    You won’t have to tolerate someone else defining ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ for you
9.    Girlfriends can get so possessive that you can’t do anything according to your wishes anymore
10.    You can buy gifts for mom, dad, sis or grandparents instead of the girlfriend and thus have a happier family life
11.    You won’t have to waste paper by writing love letters.
12.    No more endless waiting for your date to arrive at some weird shop or restaurant.
13.    You can have more friends as you will have more time for them
14.    You don’t have to tell a lie to anybody, therefore, you will sin less.
15.    You won’t have to watch boring love movies instead of sports
16.    You can have a good night’s sleep, no need to dream about her
17.    You won’t have to fight over having a ‘special’ friend with your folks
18.    No non stop nonsense
19.    You won’t have to drown in a pool of her tears
20.    You can automatically slash your monthly phone bill by 75%