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There is little dispute over the fact that Assam which is sarcastically called by many as the ‘Far-East’ of our country, having been geographically ‘out of sight out of mind’ syndrome of New Delhi for not being strong constituency as UP or Bihar, is essentially an agrarian state. But ironically, it has over the years become unpredictable as weather in summer due to global warming. In effect, the annual revenues the fund-strapped state earns from tea, agriculture, etc, are too meagre to undertake any profit-yielding infrastructural development projects in a town or city alone without financial assistance from the Centre and other financial establishments.

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Tarun Gogoi, the leader of the Indian National Congress guided his party and Assam to three consecutive electoral victories in the state. There was nothing that could stop the former Assam Chief Minister until he was infected by the fateful coronavirus, which had outraged the world this year.

The Grand old Man, the Former Chief Minister of Assam, Tarun Gogoi had passed away at the Guwahati Medical College on 23 November due to his long prolonged illness post covid complications and multiple organ failure.

Though he left his immortal body, but he has left his political footprint in the history of Northeast Assam. Born to Dr Kamaleshwar Gogoi, a physician at Rangajan Tea Estate and Usha Gogoi in Jorhat district, the former Chief Minister, who was a lawyer by training, launched himself into the far more appealing field of politics. Gogoi made a modest beginning to his political career in 1967, when he became the joint secretary of the India National Congress and a year later he became a member of the Jorhat Municipal Board. It was a moment that marked him a debut of a political career which he never thought would last for over half a century — 52 years to be exact.

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