Must watch - Road to Perdition

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Road to Perdition

In Road to Perdition, a work of rare visual beauty with a sometime evasive plot, Sam Mendes completely changes course to take the more familiar road of a gangster film.Tom Hanks plays Michael Sullivan, a killer for hire for John Rooney (Paul Newman), the head of the Irish mob, who has raised him as a son. Though John is feared but dignified, his natural son, Connor (Daniel Craig), is just the opposite: cowardly, incompetent and jealous of the bond that ties John with Michael. When Michael Jr. (Tyler Hoechlin) witnesses an execution perpetrated by his father and Connor, Connor sees the opportunity to get rid of this troubling ‘brother’ once and for all. Connor assassinates Sullivan’s wife (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and his younger son. Survivors Michael and Michael Jr. go on the run with only one idea in mind: revenge at all costs.
Road to Perdition belongs to the genre defined by the Godfather and is an academic film, a work appreciated like still life paintings, whose beauty lies mainly in the execution and mastery.
The cast is flawless. Tom Hanks is cold and distant, far from his usual roles he opts for minimalist acting. Paul Newman is more dignified than ever and doesn’t need to do a lot to be gripping while Jude Law is perfectly sadistic.
This movie is definitely an unencumbered but fascinating journey.