Must watch The constant Gardener

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Must watch movies- The constant Gardener

Based on John le Carré’s novel, “The Constant Gardener” is a gripping thriller, an unbelievably romantic love story, and a biting political take-down of pharmaceutical corporations that have Godlike power over life and death.



The romantic heroes are marvelously cast. Ralph Fiennes stars in the title role, our literal gardener Justin Quayle. “ Playing a mild-mannered English diplomat, stationed in Africa, Quayle learns the intensity of his love for his wife Tessa only after her life’s work is threatened by the manipulations of the Big Pharma corporation that does not want its insidious secrets uncovered.

Rachel Weisz is absolutely radiant as Tessa, a brilliant and determined social activist, unflinching in her pursuit to uncover the unethical research methods practiced at the expense of impoverished Kenyan citizens. Weisz is luminous in every single shot—which is quite an achievement considering that the actress is nine months pregnant, sweaty and without make-up in many scenes.

Tessa is a woman who elicits the passions of others: not only her husband’s, but a local Kenyan doctor (Hubert Koundé) and a corrupt member of the British High Commission (the remarkably contemptible Danny Huston.) Her discoveries drag her into a world-wide conspiracy. To go into further detail would ruin the element of surprise awaiting you. Just be warned: the evil lengths Big Pharma will go to are far worse than prohibitively expensive co-pay.